Santa Selects Pipkins WFM Solution for His North Pole Contact Center

St. Louis, Missouri - It became official today... Pipkins, Inc. was chosen to be the workforce management software provider for the North Pole Contact Center serving Santa's Workshop.

"Never met such a jolly group of contact center agents, but then again, they are elves and elves are a merry bunch." said Dr. James Pipkins, President and CEO of Pipkins, Inc. "It was a pleasure doing business with the big guy - I've admired him for some time. He's got quite an amazing operation with his toy making workshops, warehouses, contact center, and those flying reindeer he uses to pull his sleigh."

Santa Claus was concerned because the volume of calls and other messages was increasing so rapidly every year. "We have got to make sure every child's Christmas list gets noted," said Santa. "To miss a message from even one good little boy or girl would just be a terrible shame. We weren't willing to take that any chances this year. We have elves working 'round the clock this time of year handling phone calls, email, and of course, all the postcards and letters from our regular mail deliveries by the post office. But elves need a break too. We found Pipkins to be our contact center solution - the elves are not overworked, we are not understaffed, and it looks like it will be a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for one and all!"

ABOUT PIPKINS, INC.: Founded in 1983 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Pipkins is a leading provider of WFM solutions for the contact center industry. Today, Pipkins' systems forecast, plan and schedule more than 300,000 agents in over 500 locations across all industries worldwide. For more information, visit

Photo by: srikanta H. U

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