Company History

Pipkins, Inc. (Pipkins) was formed from the creative energy and vision of James Pipkins, Ph.D., a former plasma physicist with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. While employed at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Division, Dr. Pipkins developed a keen interest in Workforce Scheduling and began designing solutions on his personal computer. After devoting almost a year to developing a Workforce Management software package for contact centers, he applied the problem-solving approach of a physicist to the nuances of workforce scheduling to accommodate variables found in the work place. Dr. Pipkins left McDonnell Douglas to found his workforce management company in 1982.

Globe During this time, British Telecom (BT) wanted to mechanize its scheduling system for operator services in more than 200 locations. Dr. Pipkins began working for the company as a consultant and his perspective on workforce scheduling evolved. His technical expertise in Workforce Management was broadened because of the unique and complex problems at BT.

Pipkins, Inc. was incorporated in 1983. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Pipkins has become the leading supplier of workforce management software and services to the contact center industry, providing sophisticated forecasting and scheduling technology for both the front and back office. For over thirty years, Pipkins has consistently created and delivered superior workforce management products for contact centers of all sizes. Pipkins' boasts thirteen industry-first applications with solutions that are three to five years ahead of the curve.

The company has an installed base of solutions in a wide variety of industries, from financial services and health care to manufacturing, travel, and telecommunications. Pipkins' systems forecast and schedule more than 300,000 agents in over 500 locations across all industries worldwide. Their early associations with British Telecom and AT&T Network Systems United Kingdom helped establish Pipkins at the forefront of the demanding operator services industry.


Pipkins is the Only Company to Consistently Deliver Superior Workforce Management Solutions
with Thirteen Industry-First Applications

Since 1983, Pipkins has consistently and continually created and delivered cutting edge solutions for the contact center industry. While many of these applications are common place in today's technology, Pipkins was the first to create and deliver the following solutions:

  • Timeline Icon: Back Office 


    Back office
    (non-phone related) processes

  • Timeline Icon: Merlang 


    (modernized Erlang C)

  • Timeline Icon: Vantage Point 


    Vantage Point forecasting and scheduling
    Skills based routing
    Web agent access

  • Timeline Icon: Multimedia Queueing 


    Multimedia queueing

  • Timeline Icon: Notify 


    Intraday schedule reoptimization

    Agent notification

  • Timeline Icon: Vacation Planner 


    Ability to incorporate 1-N policies and procedures into vacation tool

  • Timeline Icon: Spreadsheet Integration 


    Spreadsheet integration tool

  • Timeline Icon: SmartPhone Accessibility 


    Smart phone support
    Real Time Adherence (RTA) Plus
    RTA Global View

Management Team

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